Las Vegas- Today the Golden Knights organization held its first ever open house for their fans to get themselves familiarized with T-Mobile Arena and to have the opportunity to really take in this special day of what it means to be a member of the National Hockey League community and the fandom.


The opened house kicked off at 8:00 A.M. on a sunny Tuesday on the Vegas strip that marked the first time in NHL history that an open house was featured as a 24 hour marathon event.

The first part of the day saw a small early bird crowd in the hundreds that took part in this historic event. They got to feel and taste what it means to be a member of the NHL fandom after years of patience and waiting.

Playing on the arena’s jumbotron screen the Golden Knights organization showed their  last three episodes of the Behind The Vegas Ice Documentary.


Fans of the Golden Knights franchise who come early were able to ask questions with the team staff about regarding ticket packages, registered for the hour on the hour drawing for that special raffle giveaway to opening night, toured the arena to get comfortable with its surroundings, and walked the ice floor.


Parents took their kids on the ice floor and had to chance to play some street hockey to target practice, and participated in a classic game of Jenga Golden Knights style.

Another highlight of the open house gave Vegas hockey fans the opportunity to grab themselves the remaining available season ticket seats that were scattered throughout the arena. The available seats that were up for grabs had leaflets to let fans know.


The franchise’s street team participated in a role playing scenarios of hockey 101 that highlighted topics from the power and penalty kill situations, to understanding both offensive and defensive zone play to what it means to ice the puck.

Something that Golden Knights fans will need to know and comprehend when the team starts playing this fall.


In the afternoon time more and more Vegas hockey fans filed the ticketing line to grab up those 11 and 22 game packages that the franchise made available for the first time.

Later on, ArtParty4u brought in their face painting station for the kids to get their chance to get some battle paint hockey style.


Battle paint is an important part of the hockey tradition and culture because it signifies the fandoms pride for their team which is something that the Vegas community is going to have blast of doing during throughout the regular season and potentially the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


The evening session of the open house saw Bill Foley providing an update from the final payment that would allow the organization to participate in events like the upcoming General Managers meeting on March 6th to George McPhee working behind the scenes and taking phone calls from his counterparts.


The catch with the final payment is will it clear in time for McPhee to attend the March 6 appointment. Foley also indicated that the franchise will not be involved in this years trade deadline.

Another thing that was touched on is that the club can’t sign college free agents.Those kind of signings are an important part in building a team.

According to team owner Bill Foley he mentioned at the open house that the organization had already sold 13,000 full season ticket memberships to the Vegas Hockey community. An impressive number for a non traditional hockey.

Going forward to organization still have a ton work ahead of them in preparation of the 2017-2018 NHL season.


Fans who attended the open house in the evening session received a real treat as the organization played the Blackhawks vs. Wild game.

Team President Kerry Bubolz highlighted the excitement the organization felt with the fans who came out and participated in this special day.

“Seeing people in our logo makes me feel good. Seeing people proud to be part of the Golden Knights family is a blast to see.” Kerry Bubolz Vegas Golden Knights

The organization reported that more than 9,000 fans came out and witnessed the momentous day for the Vegas hockey community.

All in all the local hockey fans are getting excited and feeling the buzz as their first season approaches.

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