Today Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee came on Canada’s Sportsnet Hockey Central show and talked about the current state of the franchise on the eve of NHL TradeDeadline day.

McPhee discussed his plans on TradeDeadline day about reaching out to his counterparts from around the league. He touched on the fact that he can make deals in principle with other clubs but will have to wait to make things formal until the last final payment closes by the banks.

George also highlighted on the mocked drafts that his organization has been doing over the span of the last few months from understanding the rules of how the process goes to asking questions to the league for clarification.

He also made mentioned that they needed to learn the process quickly because of the how things change really fast in the league. The grey area and timing was another specific topic that he touched on.

Another matter he talked about was the relationship that he’s been having with his team over the course of the last six month from understanding each other to developing that chemistry.

McPhee added the need to have a better outlook of the other hockey clubs situation and their players better from a more specificity standpoint.

On the show McPhee spoke on the availability and the potential availability of players is an important part of the business when structuring and building a hockey club. He also talked about the valuation of players from a upside viewpoint to a diminished point of view.

He stressed on what can player A bring to the Vegas Golden Knights organization that he hasn’t been able to accomplish at his last club.

The coaching selection process was also discussed and George provided an update that the list of potential candidates that he had interviewed was short list of individuals.

He highlighted and did not rule out that he would like to have a person selected before the end of the current hockey season.

All in all the Vegas Golden Knight franchises continues to press forward as they get closer and closer at becoming officially open for business.

Below is the video from George McPhee’s interview on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central Show.

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