Just days after being formally admitted into the NHL Vegas Golden Knights General Managers George McPhee heads to Boca Raton, FL. This marks the official meeting that the GM has been invited to. For McPhee he will be no freshman at the table.

According to the schedule the meetings will go from Monday and conclude on Wednesday. The Golden Knights General Manager is looking forward to representing the newest hockey club in the league.

“It’s nice to be official; it was interesting the other day just at the trade deadline, talking to clubs in a real capacity again,” McPhee told ESPN.com. “This isn’t a fantasy league anymore. And I’m looking forward to the GM meetings. I’ve always taken those meetings seriously because the decisions we’re making there affect the game not only at the NHL level, but all around the world. So, it will be interesting to see what people want to talk about and where people are going with things. I’ve been a bit out of the loop on some of that. Some GMs, like Doug Armstrong, would call and fill me in after recent meetings. But always better to be in them and have Vegas with a seat at the table.”

For the Vegas franchise it gives McPhee the prime opportunity to participate in the various topics that league has on it’s agenda.

List of agenda topics to be discussed at tomorrow’s meetings:

  • Review of the coach’s challenge and within that, goaltender interference and offside calls (specifically, GMs will consider a possible change to the offside review when skates are off the ice, etc.).
  • Debate the merits of a coach’s challenge with no timeouts left (resulting in a minor penalty if the challenge fails).
  • Discuss how the league deals with goalie injuries and last-minute emergency replacements.
  • Update from the NHL’s Kay Whitmore on goaltender equipment (new goalie pants became mandatory on Feb. 4).
  • Discussion on the merits of not allowing timeouts after icings.
  • Revisit Doug Armstrong’s idea of repeat shooters in the shootout after three shots, as is currently done in international hockey.
  • Update about Olympics participation.
  • And, no doubt, GMs will have more questions about the salary cap and the expansion draft.

McPhee also is determined to continue expansion draft conversations with his fellow colleagues, but most important he will focus his efforts in understanding current league agenda matters.

“I thought we were able to set the table with a few clubs, we had discussions with a number of clubs; with a handful of clubs, there was some clarity,” McPhee said. “We’re not anxious to do many deals in advance. We’d rather see the entire universe of who’s available and who’s protected before we make a lot of decisions.” McPhee told ESPN.com

All and all for George McPhee and Vegas Golden Knights organization they finally have a seat at the table something that the hockey club has been waited for since the NHL approved their expansion application back on June 22, 2016.

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