Today the General Managers meetings started back up this week in sunny Boca Raton, FL. It was first time in which featured a 31 GM Roundtable. A topic that was brought up had to do with 2017-2018 Salary Cap.

According to reports the Salary Cap will stay the some at it’s current rate of $73 million with very little increase at best. If this does indeed hold firm that no increase will be made it would mean a huge benefit for the Vegas Golden Knights franchise.

That would mean an increase of a paltry 3.998 percent of the players’ pot since 2012-13, the year before the 50/50 formula went into effect. So the major-market franchises that drive NHL revenue and successful clubs that habitually are cap teams get hammered again in attempting to maintain — or improve — their personnel while the small market clubs go along for the ride. Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports

With that in mind, according to what McPhee said last week at the teams press conference hockey clubs will be talking to him that are cap stressed. McPhee will have be cognizant that other clubs who are in fact up or near the cap ceiling won’t try and pass along contracts that are not favorable just to make an NHL transaction.

The usual suspects organizations like the Chicago Blackhawks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks along with a handful others who are in a similar spot will in fact have some very tough business decisions to make going forward.

Now that the Golden Knights hockey club is officially part of the league they will have $73 million to spend for their first season in the NHL. In addition before they take to the ice George McPhee will have to spend up to the cap floor minimum of $54 million.

So that in mind teams will be calling McPhee and work out some sort of deal that will allow those clubs that are cap stressed some relief before next season starts.

With the two most important factors in a stagnant cap and the expansion draft this will make the Golden Knights franchise very competitive in their inaugural season, something in which NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman wants to see.

For more information about the salary cap visit our friends at CapFriendly to get latest data analysis of all 30 current NHL. Note once things get going for Vegas they will have a section for them as well.


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