12 years ago the NHL put into place a new rule directive that prohibited illegal shift changes for teams that purposely ice the puck to other end of the rink. The motivation behind this was for the team that clearly ran out of gas would try to sneak fresh bodies on the ice to continue the play of game from an offensive perspective.

However NHL coaches would take their only issued timeout of the game to give their players a brief break to recover before going back out on the ice to resume the course of the game.

Every General Manager agreed in unison to that they will in fact take upon themselves to inform their coaches on the decision and support the Competition Committee direction to enforce every hockey club that the use of the timeout after an icing call is not authorized.

NHL GM Meetings Boca Raton FL 2017
(Photo by NHL.com)

This will however take affect in the upcoming season as the league celebrates it’s next 100 years of existence.

In the minor’s particularly in the American Hockey League that have already instituted this change and it has been getting detailed analysis from officials and the results are indeed favorable.

The NHLPA on the other hand will have it’s chance to respond to the recommendation going forward and be given the opportunity to weight out the pro’s and con’s of this potential change to the game.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

According to the GM Meetings this has to get done by June for seal of approval by the NHL Board of Governors.



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