Yesterday the NFL voted and approved the Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas just months after the NHL expanded in Nevada’s thriving Metropolis. Thus making the Silver State a two pro team state for the first time ever. For George McPhee and the Golden Knights they have a short window of opportunity to make a name for themselves within the Vegas sports fan community.

In an interview session with the Vegas Hockey Hotline Team Owner Bill Foley came on and discussed with 1400AM’s Brian Blessing about how he feels now that Vegas has two professional sports organizations.

Bill Foley released a statement on behalf of the hockey organization with the classy approach and congratulated Raiders Owner Mark Davis on the move to the city of Las Vegas.

During the radio session Brian Blessing and UNLV’s Hockey Play by Play announcer Dana Lane made mentioned that both franchises should not be competing with one another as separate entities for the Vegas community. They added that both sports clubs should see this opportunity to support one another.

The camaraderie between professional sports teams in any marketplace is huge for the long term success goals in the communities they represent. This holds true in the fact that in the Bay Area have a tight knit relationships between the Sharks, A’s, Giants, Warriors, 49ers, Raiders, and Earthquakes is important because the fans in that marketplace support their favorite teams.

However that doesn’t mean that they have to watch from the sidelines and be a spectator in Championship success of their counterparts.

To Foley his position was pretty crystal clear of how the Golden Knights need to proceed and take advantage of Raiders not arriving until the 2020-2021 NFL and NHL seasons. Foley indicated that he is not a patient person when it comes winning.

He highlighted that he want’s he franchise in the Stanley Cup Playoffs by year 3rd and aiming for Lord Stanley’s Cup in the club’s 6th campaign.

Foley added that the team will not operate in the sense of patience and that his franchise also has the mindset of not placing second. He understands that the Oakland Raiders will be bringing to Las Vegas 3 Superbowl Championships so the time to win now is extremely important for his hockey club.

With the new relationship between the Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Raiders could potentially set up from some future partnerships going forward and the same goes for the NHL and NFL as well given that Nevada’s thriving Metropolis is another market showcasing professional sports at a high level.

For Foley and McPhee they have some heavy lifting to do in order to make this vision into a reality for the Vegas Golden Knights.

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