Finding the right head coach to lead your players can be a challenging part by any General Manager around the league. For Golden Knights GM George McPhee it’s not different. The waiting game of whose going to be let go by their respective clubs continues to be that theme for McPhee.

Of course the word out on the street aka the rumor mill is something that the hockey world is use to hearing when it comes to topics like this.

However for the Golden Knights organization their list of candidates for the filling the head coaching position is indeed a short one. For George McPhee he playing things close to the vest because he doesn’t want to have an unrealistic time of when he’s ready to bring one on board.

The good thing is that McPhee has hinted to what his guy is to fill the head coaching position for the Vegas hockey club.

He outlined that he want’s a head coach that encompasses the skill set to be able in adapting to the current evolution of the game which has been around speed. The game has been getting much faster over the years and as the old saying goes “Speed Kills” particularly in the playoffs.

A prime example is the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the San Jose Sharks in 6 games in the Stanley Cup Finals because they executed a much faster game.

McPhee also added that he would a head coach that has the dedication in helping with the growth of the team that he’s going to coach.

Its been rumored that Vegas would bring on a coach to get them started by putting some sort of foundation in place and then position themselves to transition with a guy to take the team to the next level and contend for Stanley Cup.

Remember Bill Foley wants to see his Golden Knights play in the playoffs in the 3rd year of existence and compete for the cup in the 6th campaign.

The search continues for McPhee has he looks on while the 2016-2017 campaign has two weeks to go until the NHL second season starts.

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