Today the NHL has made it official that the Expansion Draft protection list will be made available to public and released on June 18th.

As per league instructions the 30 existing have until 2 P.M. on the 17th of June to submit their final final list of protected and unprotected players to the NHL.

The expansion draft will be broadcasted nationally in the United States and that admission to T-Mobile for the event is free to the public who are interested in attending this historic milestone in the Golden Knights history.

In accordance to the league rules of the expansion draft Vegas has select one player from each of the existing NHL franchises. Which constitutes 14 forwards, 9 defenseman, and 3 goaltenders.

The prior expansion draft that featured the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild was not televised so this event in considered is an important step for professional hockey in Las Vegas and the NHL.


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