A group of Vegas Golden Knights fans could be close at making their quest in custom made license plate made a reality and sport their team pride on the backs of their vehicles.

In Carson City public officials are working on a Senate Bill 283 that is in effect in which orders the Department of Motor Vehicles in manufacturing a specialized license plate that supports the newest hockey franchise.

Earlier today Senator Kelvin Atkinson gave his colleagues a presentation to the Transportation Committee that highlights the Vegas Golden Knights will be providing the necessary funding that will go into paying for the special license plates.

The special Senate Bill however does not require the VGK plate the same provisions that are in necessary in which other custom plates need to follow. Such a provision goes to funds(fees) that would go to 501-C3 non-profit organizations around the state.

Unlike the other custom plates that are currently available Senate Bill 283 would make any minimum order requirement to the Golden Knights plate null and void.

In past of his career Sen. Atkinson was not as vocal in support of special license plates projects but he has been given the good graces from his fellow political officials.

Atkinson raved about what this means for Vegas and the State to have specialized license plate that the fans could be grateful for.

VGK Lic Plate
A new Golden Knights themed license plate similar to this one could soon be available for drivers. (Logo courtesy of Las Vegas Golden Knights)

Stay tuned for more developments on this story…

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