According to TSN’s Darren Dreger he expressed that the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft has a very important stake in the bigger picture for the league. He also indicated that due to the popularity of the subject matter is the motivation by the league to make the protected lists public.

The is going to be the first ever Expansion Draft that will getting televised across the United States. T-Mobile Arena according to many sources that are close to the story is the venue that will host the event.

TSN’s Hockey Insider went to highlight the repercussions that could take place if the protected list was kept a secret from the public.

“I think they would had to have heard and recognize some of the backlash mostly coming from the media. And maybe the marketing people internally, with the National Hockey League also recognized that this is missed opportunity. You want as many layers of media talking about expansion, the Vegas Golden Knights, speculating, reporting… It just adds another level of excitement.” TSN’s Darren Dreger

To point out that the 2000 NHL Expansion which featured the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild was not broadcasted to the public. The Calgary Flames had the honor in hosting the event.

With the buzz surrounding the Golden Knights has peaked the curiosity that the public has the right to know in this roller-coaster journey. The NHL has always operated on the sense of inclusion which has lead to this being accessible to the Vegas community. The continued promotion of the NHL in Las Vegas will only increase it’s relevancy in that market.

Now that the players around the league are aware that the NHL has decided to make the protect list public there is going to be those that are exposed that unfortunately will have a sour taste in their mouth.

For some players a change of scenery could give their careers a 2nd chance and the opportunity to be a difference maker with the new Vegas hockey club. It’s not secret that hockey players like playing in warmer weather markets like Florida, Southern California, Texas, Arizona, and the Bay Area.

As mentioned last year at the 2016 NHL Awards Ceremony many of the hockey superstars expressed their approval of having another place to play at and the excitement that Las Vegas has to offer. For players whoever gets the call from George McPhee playing in Vegas would make them very excited.

The NHL is all about growing the game in their communities they represent and for Vegas getting household names like a Patrick Kane, Eric Staal, Jamie Benn, Brent Burns among others would provide the necessary influence in the Vegas market that has never been touched before by professional athletes on a consistent basis.

It’s going to get more and more interesting as the Expansion Draft gets closer to who gets protected and those who are left out in the open for Vegas to select.





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