Today TSN 1050 AM in Canada had the pleasure in bringing on Vegas Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee to talk all things revolving around the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft on June 21, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena.

Andi Petrillo host of Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050 AM along with co-hosts Gord Miller & Mark Roe brought on Golden Knights GM George McPhee and discussed the team’s plans are with the expansion draft upcoming.

He also outlined their strategic approach to potential trades that could lead into picks, and provided an update to their mock drafts that they have been conducting over the past several months.

Without releasing confidential information McPhee hinted to who they are projecting to take when the expansion draft comes.

McPhee pointed out the prior to tomorrow’s NHL Lottery Draft that the Vegas Golden Knights are at least guaranteed to be picking in the top 6 in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft that will be hosted by the Chicago Blackhawks this year at United Center.

He is hopeful that tomorrow’s lottery draft will provide some kind clarity with the mindset that Vegas will be moving up in the draft selection order vs down the line in the first round.

Gord Miller asked McPhee if they are done in running their mock draft simulations and George had this to say in response to Miller’s question.

“Nope were meeting again next month, but we typically don’t know who were taking until a night or two before the draft.” McPhee said. “Because there just, there never seems to be, you always feel that you have more to do, the more information that you need and interviews to do.” McPhee adds

Mark Roe highlighted the unique position that McPhee is in, in terms of that the Vegas marketplace alone is very new to the NHL and the selling that’s involved when acquiring a player to come play for the Golden Knights.

“That would be a factor from my standpoint, I want to draft the right people, it’s not able marketable names it’s about putting a team on the ice that’s going to play well and entertain and hopefully win.” Says McPhee. “I think that will sell more than anything as well we all know the big free agent signings and other things you do in the summer can create a splash.” McPhee adds.

McPhee also highlighted that the field going into the NHL Expansion Draft is wide open. Exciting times are ahead for George McPhee and the Vegas Golden Knights as they put the final touches together for their first ever NHL Expansion and Entry Drafts.

***Click here for the full radio session with TSN 1050 AM***

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