It’s been widely reported the heading into this year’s NHL Entry Draft that the Vegas Golden Knights could be in the driver’s seat in acquiring more picks. These picks could be heading Vegas as added compensation for the Golden Knights to take on bad contracts.

Today TSN’s Gord Miller came on TSN Radio and provided some insight that Vegas and Los Angeles could be working out some kind of deal that will send former Kings Captain Dustin Brown to the Golden Knights along with a 1st round pick.

Recently for Los Angeles, they moved ahead with former NHLer Rob Blake as their new General Manager. Going into this upcoming hockey season, the Kings have according to our friends at $9,917,273 available to use.

The thing that makes the Brown situation an interesting one is that the 32-year-old forward still has 5 years left on his current. His contract gets him thru the 2021-2022 season and his AAV is rated at $5,875,000.

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According to Brown’s current deal comes with a Modified NTC. Based on the clause in his deal he has to provide to Blake a list of 8 teams he’s willing to accept a trade to.

Brown’s Career Stats

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All we know right now is that this could be speculation and what Miller is reporting might not even happen.

If this story to in fact materializes into something more please stay tuned for more information.

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