Las Vegas–With days quickly approaching for the official Adidas “Form The Future” sweaters which are unveiling next week Vegas Knights of The Roundtable takes a look back at some of the Golden Knights jerseys that hockey fans from all over created with hopes that theirs could be the one that the players would wear during the season.

Chris Fortier

(Concept Sweater by Chris Fortier)

For me this concept by Fortier does some appeal, however, the sweaters for both the home and away are just too busy. The sleeve design reminds me of the older generation Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets jersey.

On the bottom side of the sweater, the pattern is similar to the Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Patrick Roy, and Adam Foote era of the Colorado Avalanche.

The numbering on the sleeves towards the shoulder area is the style in which the San Jose Sharks used when they donned the CCM Whites before they switched to Reebok.

The hockey pants though for this concept does work for me.

Not completely sold on the hockey socks on this one.

Charles Noerenberg

(Concept Sweater by Charles Noerenberg)

The thing I like about this sweater that was made by Charles is the contrast of the official team crest with the background on both the home and away versions. It gives the logo a chance to stand out vs. blending in.

One major thing I have this concept is the use of the Adidas trademark striping on the side of the sweater. If you all are familiar with Adidas they like to use this heavily on soccer jerseys.

For the gloves I’m honestly not a fan of due to, too much gold in it. Like the saying goes “Less is more”.

Below the sweater is the piping which kinda works and it kind of doesn’t because the way it’s designed, it looks like it’s smiling down there.

The hockey pants in this version of the concept is pretty basic but it works too.

Matt McElroy

(Concept Sweater by Matt McElroy)

In this concept version made by McElroy is that the thing that stands out for me is the numbering because it provides us with a sneak peak of what the official kit could look like for the sweaters.

I like the use of the secondary logo with the swords and striping on the hockey pants because provides the hockey uniform an nice and complimentary contrast.

However there is too much of the steel grey in the sweater, particularly the home version.

Adam Del Monte

(Concept Sweater by Adam Del Monte)

For Adam’s version I like the inclusion of the classic laces in the collar area of the sweater because pays homage to the past in our great game. Several teams in the modern area have used them on their sweaters and it works out just fine.

For example the New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Montréal Canadiéns, Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs, and specialty outdoor game sweaters like for the Chicago Blackhawks as well as the Boston Bruins.

These are just to name a few franchises around the league that have done it.

The piping I could see less of especially at the bottom end of the sweater, for the sleeves they do somewhat work though.

Quentin Robb

(Concept Sweater by Quentin Robb)

Now I know what your all thinking seeing “Flower’s” name on the back on this sweater and you should feel excited because of what he recently did ahead of the NHL Expansion Draft.

I for one am stoked about having “Flower Power” between the pipes for Vegas.

The shoulder piping doesn’t jive with me because it reminds of when the Carolina Hurricanes did it several years ago with the first generation Reebok sweaters.

I thought that it clashed vs. complimentary. It stood out like an eyesore.

For the piping on Quentin’s concept I think the gold portion of it should be reduced by 50%, it’s just too much and it makes the sweater too busy in nature.

Remember less is more when it comes to hockey sweaters.

Avi Stein

(Concept Sweater by Avi Stein)

One of the few concepts out there where it shows the hockey pants, helmets, gloves, and socks. The logo, lettering, and numbering really gives the sweater for both the home and away versions that pop.

When your watching games you want to see that from your seats at T-Mobile Arena.

I think that this concept by Stein is one of the best I have seen because the colors work for each other and not the opposite.

What makes his concept unique is that the upper portion of the sleeves in where the piping is, allows the number’s to be the star and gives it that pop.

Sneak Peaks Of Form The Future Vegas Golden Knights Sweater

(Sneak Peak Of Form The Future Provided by Vegas Golden Knights)
(Sneak Peak Of Form The Future Provided by Adidas Hockey)

So I think it’s safe to say that Adidas Hockey will continue to provide us with more breadcrumbs as we approach the big reveal next week.

Get excited Vegas Golden Knights fans!!!!!

Official Adidas Form The Future Promo

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