Las Vegas–Today at T-Mobile Arena the Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their official team store “The Armory” just days before the NHL Awards and Expansion Draft that’s taking place in the building.

The historic event was kicked with ribbon cutting ceremony with Head Coach Gerard Gallant leading the way. Also included in the ribbon cutting ceremony was Team President Kerry Bubolz and Chief Marketing Officer Nehme Abouzeid and BMX Olympic Gold Medalist Conner Fields.


When fans get the chance to go walk into “The Armory” they immediately get see a Knight in armor with team official logo as the helmet along with the gold sword.

June 19, 2017, T-Mobile Arena The Official Unveil Of “The Armory” Vegas Golden Knights Team Store (Photo by Ryan Bayer/Vegas Knights of The Roundtable)

After seeing the Knight in the front entrance they will be able to feel the power of the what Golden Knights are all about.

“The defenders of the realm and protect those who cannot defend themselves. They are the elite warrior class.” Team Owner Bill Foley said at last year’s name unveiling at T-Mobile Arena in front of thousands hockey fans.

For me personally seeing the Knight in the front of the store I felt the power it was emitting.

On the right side of the store hangs three flags in succession of one another with a set of core values, Strength, Valor, Duty which is similar to the United States Army’s core value system for their soldier’s (once again Foley tapping into to his West Point roots).

June 19, 2017, T-Mobile Arena The Official Unveil Of “The Armory” Vegas Golden Knights Team Store (Photo by Ryan Bayer/Vegas Knights of The Roundtable)

More photos of inside “The Armory”.


For me, one of my favorite parts of the store is the center merchandise stand which has the swords reaching towards the center. I thought that was a great design idea employed by the Golden Knights, makes it unique in nature.

Speaking of uniqueness, back in November when the store opened up after the name unveiling, it was just like the traditional souvenir shop that you can find along Las Vegas Blvd. Also, it was roughly 1/3 the size of what and not very good to fan experience.

Today “The Armory” finally provides that uniqueness and separates itself from the normal strip souvenir shop. The atmosphere is going to amaze the fans shopping there. Their friends and family will have that awesome shopping experience.

Even between intermissions fans would want to go the store just to check out whats available for purchase.

I had the chance to speak with Vegas Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Nehme Abouzeid about the work that went into making the Golden Knights team store special.

“We knew it was critical for us in any sports team and this arena is our home and we need a flagship store to reflect that and our passionate fans to come out 41 times a year.” Said Abouzeid

Nehme stressed the importance in year 1 means to the fan experience in grabbing the VGK swag.

“Especially in year 1 to stock up on jerseys, sweatshirts, and hats, t-shirts.” Abouzeid added.

“It was critical to maximize the footprint.” Mentioned Abouzeid.

They did just that because fans will now be able to move around the store much more freely when it become’s somewhat crowded

Fans who are attending the NHL Awards and Expansion Draft this Wednesday are in for real treat when they see the store for the first time. The atmosphere in the store speaks Vegas Golden Knights.

It’s the kind of place where Golden Knights fans want to come back for more stuff down the road.

Word to wise when you shop at “The Armory” is to make sure that you carry plenty of money especially for those who want to go on a massive shopping spree for the latest VGK gear.

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