Summerlin–Today Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee came out and updated members of the media on the eve of a major milestone day with the Expansion Draft for the youngest NHL Franchise in the league.

When McPhee greeted members of the media at the teams Summerlin Headquarters Office he gives his last update in terms of where the Golden Knights are in in the Expansion Draft process.

“Were in a really good place, we’ve done well in terms of timing on everything. We wanted yesterday to be our final day of discussions with clubs.” McPhee said.

This was in response to his original drop dead date for his counterparts to wrap up last minute discussions and deals and transactions.

However McPhee did make an exception to his counterparts who had logistical issue’s in terms of travel, so he allowed a short extension window with those clubs to wrap up talks.

“We agreed to do that and were doing that this morning.” Says McPhee.

He hopes to get that accomplished soon so that he can begin working on selections for tomorrow’s big day.

“Well wrap that up soon I hope and start picking our team.” McPhee continued.

In terms of flexibility in the process with McPhee and the whole Expansion Draft process, he had this to say.

“The league has been great, we are going to every minute that we have and we’ll put our team together today and hopefully not go too deep into the night and submit it five minutes before 7:00 am tomorrow.” McPhee replied.

With topic on trades, McPhee also updated media members in the scrum to where they are at in that respect.

“I don’t know.” McPhee mentioned.

This is McPhee’s trademark by keeping things like this in nature a secret.

He did provide somewhat of a snapshot without playing his hand out of how many transactions the Golden Knights have done.

“We’ve tried to talk to every club before we make a selection and different things result in that.” McPhee said.

“I certainly haven’t been able to keep track of it. We’ll tally it all up at the end and you guys (meaning reporters) of how we did. ” McPhee added.

With regards to positions throughout the lineup of what’s available for selection McPhee expanded on how he’s feeling prior to making his picks.

“I think we’ve done pretty well in all positions, we have lots of defensemen lined up, we have lots of centers, and we scoring on the wings, litte more scoring than we anticipated.” McPhee mentioned.

With scoring winger James Neal of the Nashville Predators comes to mind as he produced 23 goals during the 2016-17 regular season along with adding 6 goals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs during the Preds first run to the Finals in their franchise history.

He also tallied 18 assists during that regular campaign and 3 in the playoffs.

Probably one of the best available players in the center position for McPhee to select is Jonathan Marchessault of the Florida Panthers. He produced 30 goals and 21 assists during 75 games played last season.

His goals and assists he produced for them equated to roughly 25% of the clubs overall offense which was 210 GF.

He also touched on the goalie situation as well.

“The goaltending is going to be pretty solid.” McPhee replied.

McPhee also led into the competitive club topic mindset that has been something of a mission since this whole process started back in September with their monthly mock drafts.

“It’s looking pretty good, it’s what we’ve been trying to accomplish and that is that competitive club that people are going to enjoy watching play and then having the draft picks to be able to draft our way to a contending team.” McPhee said.

This is in part with Bill Foley’s vision at being in Stanley Cup Playoffs dance in year 3 of the clubs existence in the NHL and Stanley Cup Final bound by the 6th campaign.






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