Las Vegas–Tonight the Vegas Golden Knights aired their 8th installment of the Behind The Vegas Ice documentary series.

Segment 1

In this episode, the Golden Knights organization showed their fans of how far that they have come since breaking ground 10 months prior.

The practice facility ice sheet was prepped with sponsorship signage of community business that supports the Golden Knights and their vision in bringing a high-level quality to the fans in the Vegas market.

Official Vegas Golden Knights logo on center is surrounded by Findlay Toyota, Foley Family Wines, The D Las Vegas, Stapels, and MGM Resorts International signage.

For Golden Knights fans they will be able to get to know the Summerlin Practice Facility as “City National Arena“.

Segment 2

In the second portion of the episode was going on the road in Vancouver with Golden Knights Defenseman Shea Theodore who is training 2-hours a day for a span of 5 days.

Players from all around the league that is from “VanCity” come back home to train before the season starts back up again.

They also hone their skills with fellow hockey players in pickup games and informal scrimmages. Even fellow teammate Brad Hunt spends time in Vancouver to prepare for this upcoming campaign.

In Las Vegas veteran Blueliner and longtime resident, Deryk Engelland trains in Nevada’s thriving Metropolis to get his conditioning sessions before training camp begins.

Segment 3

The Golden Knights executive marketing staff embarked on their first ever road-trip to spread the word on the hockey organization to gain fans of the hockey

In Whitefish, MT Golden Knights players Jake Bischoff and Alex Tuch spent time with kids on the ice thru youth hockey clinics.

This is an important aspect in growing the Golden Knights brand and interacting with the community on an intimate level

Team Owner Bill Foley and SVP Murray Craven have a special place in their hearts for Whitefish because they have homes there.

Back at the ranch in Vegas, the in-game entertainment team gear up for their in arena ice-teams that will be showcased at every home game at T-Mobile throughout the course of the season.

This think tank was led by Jonny Greco. Greco was brought in many months ago as their engineer for “in game production as well as fan interaction”.

In entertainment, auditioning for the part is important of the process is making sure that you have best people to promote and sell your brand on an intimate level with fans at every home games.

Segment 4

The Golden Knights entertainment team brought in 100+ for the auditioning process and took them thru a session on the ice to see what they have the offer. Skating is important for an ice team

Skating is important for an ice team when they are out on the ice between breaks and TV-timeouts.

The judges took the candidates in a private room and interviewed of the prospects they have chosen as their finalists.

Other NHL teams that incorporate an ice-team/crew or an ice girls squad goes thru this process.

From here on out before the season gets under way, the finalists that were picked Greco’s staff will go thru training sessions to get them ready for their in-game duties.

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