The current face of the Vegas Golden Knights franchise Marc-André Fleury took part in today’s NHL Media Day festivities in New York.

Yesterday Fleury was on NBC’s Today Show along with Columbus’s Seth Jones, Rangers Ryan McDonagh, and Oilers Connor McDavid when the league rolled out its “Declaration of Principles“.

“Flower” looks ready to go for the upcoming season with the Golden Knights rockin his new “CCM” gear. The pads look really good along with his blocker and glove. Compliments the Golden Knights “ADIZERO” sweater very well.

“Flower” skating with a group of kids during the NHL Media Day tour. They say goaltenders can’t stick handle the puck on the ice, boy “Flower” shows you that it’s very possible and makes it look really easy.

“Flower” looks like he is focused with his game face on before a contest against the opposition.

One more shot’s of “Flower” during his NHL Media Day tour in New York.

(Photo by NHL Public Relations Division)
(Photo by NHL Public Relations Division)
(Photo by NHL Public Relations Division)
(Photo by NHL Public Relations Division)

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