Las Vegas–With day 8 in the books for the Vegas Golden Knights training camp, I caught up with prospects Keegan Kolesar and Tyler Wong before they headed to San Jose to take on the Sharks.

Both Kolaser and Wong also participated in the franchise’s 1st ever development camp back in June when the Golden Knights used the “Las Vegas Ice Center” as their temporary practice facility, while “City National Arena” was still be completed.

In his 1st NHL preseason, forward Wong made history for the Golden Knights against Vancouver this past Sunday and not just one time but twice.

The first historic milestone he made was scoring the 1st goal in club history and then later in the game, knotted the Golden Knights 1st ever hat trick.

When I asked him about if he imagined scoring the franchise he was all smiles.

“Going into it, I wasn’t expecting that, I think going into each game I expect to score that’s my mentality, it’s the NHL it’s a big jump for me from the WHL to NHL and I think that positive mindset and believe in yourself.” Wong said.

Over the course of training camp, what has impressed me with Wong’s performance is that he doesn’t let his size play a factor in his game and for Tyler the way he plays the game you think he’s over 6’0″

He’s out there proving the naysayers wrong with the way he comes to practice and wanting to be here with the Golden Knights during training camp with a mission.

“I’m looking to prove them right so I do whatever it takes to do that and continue to produce so I believe in myself and I’m grateful that George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon, and Will Nichol believe in me as well.” Says Wong

Below is the rest of our interview with Wong.

Full Rink Side Interview With Tyler Wong At City National Arena

I asked Kolaser how his training camp has been going for him so far.

“It’s been a good training camp so far it’s definitely high pace and high tempo here you know the older guys not messing up too much they pay attention to detail in everything they do especially from the practice and the games.” Kolesar said.

For Kolaser, he talked about the transition it’s been from him when he participated at development camp to training camp with the Golden Knights.

“For sure the pace is way different back in development camp it was only college and junior guys and fresh of the draft, off the season so the pros are coming off three or four seasons plus the National Hockey League so they have that high pace already and then learning to adapt to that first couple of skates and building off of that.” Kolesar replied.

Kolaser made mention to his performance the other night vs the Vancouver Canucks and what he wants to improve upon when playing the San Jose Sharks tonight.

“I thought the first game was just getting my feet wet and not my greatest game and I think from now just getting that pace and get a good sense of what the pace is at down of the game and you how hard it is to compete and how hard you have to skate.” Kolesar says.

Below is the rest of our interview with Kolesar.

Full Rink Side Interview With Keegan Kolesar At City National Arena

Before heading off to San Jose, Head Coach Gerard Gallant updated the members of the media of how things how progressed over the last several days of camp and the two preseason games they recently played.

Vegas Golden Knights Head Coach Gerard Gallant Full Presser

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