Summerlin– The “Skatin’ Rebels” went into tonight’s game undefeated after their sweep against Arizona State. The stands at the brand new “City National Arena” were packed with excited Rebel fans eager for a win. The action started right away as two players from Colorado’s team elbowed UNLV F Kameron Fink, drawing a 2 minute minor penalty. Barriga attempted a goal at 2:23 but came up short. The first period ended with no score.

The second period started with a scuffle on UNLV F D’Andre John. UNLV missed a prime scoring chance late in this period, ending with 1-0 score in favor of Colorado.

It was a hard fought period at the end of the game. The Rebels had a close goal at 2:58. The team did a great job at controlling the puck as they had the advantage on time on attack but weren’t able to convert quality scoring chances into goals. A few inopportune bounces kept the game from going in the Rebels favor.

Head coach Anthony Vignieri-Greener said that there was not enough effort in the first period but as the game progressed, the team picked up. There were different playing styles that the Rebels defense was not ready for but is something to work on for tomorrow’s game.

Final score was 3-0 Colorado. Next game is tomorrow at City National Arena at 1:30 pm.

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