Las Vegas–After his 1st franchise start between the pipes for the Vegas Golden Knights, I had the chance to catch up with #1 goaltender Marc-André Fleury and forward Teemu Pulkkinen in how their training camp and preseason has been so far on the eve of tomorrow’s historic night at T-Mobile Arena.

For Fleury, last nights start was his first since the matchup in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals in the previous campaign’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Fleury made 26 of 28 saves and had a save percentage of .929 vs. the Anaheim Ducks.

With Fleury, he talked about backstopping the Golden Knights net post-Pittsburgh Penguins career.

“I was looking forward to it, it’s been a few practices, it’s good to get in there, a little nervous I want to do well for the guys, the coaches it’s good I think as the game went on I felt more comfortable and less rusty, it’s good to win.” Fleury said on his 1st start with Vegas.

Fleury took notice about his teammates he played with last night at Honda Center vs the Ducks.

“Pretty good lineup, some regulars in there, I thought we played well in the game, the intensity the guys showed I thought they helped me out a lot around the net you know blocking shots and helped me see the puck, it was a good start.” Says Fleury on how the guys played for him last night in Anaheim.

In reference to continue putting in the work as training camp moves along, Fleury highlighted something he likes to improve on before the start of the regular season.

“Stop the puck, I think a little bit more comfortable, more agile, and a little smarter on the ice. “Fleury said with a smile.

With Fleury, says he’s been impressed with backup goalie Calvin Pickard‘s training camp, working with him and the progress he’s made ahead of the regular season.

“I like him, hard worker, he’s always working hard, he can move, reads the game well, good hands, I like watching him play.” Fleury on Pickard.

For more on our training camp interview with Fleury check out our video below.

Full Locker Room Interview With Vegas Golden Knights Goaltender Marc-André Fleury

For Pulkkinen, the Finnish forward updated us on how his training camp has been since being with the Golden Knights.

“It’s been good so far, I’ve been enjoying being here, I think the games have been pretty good, we won three games, lost only one so I’m happy about it, well see how the last three games are going to go.” Pulkkinen said.

Moving forward, Pulkkinen provided his insight on what he expects for the last three preseason games.

“The last three games it’s going to be more like NHL games, not so many rookies anymore, we’re going to go to our own building, it’s going to be exciting, we’re just going to play the same way we’ve been playing, just play hard, have fun.” Pulkkinen replied ahead of tomorrow night’s home preseason game at T-Mobile Arena.

Pulkkinen made mentioned of what stood for him in regards to Tomas Hyka‘s 4 goal performance in the three preseason games he played in for Vegas.

“Just scoring goals, I think that’s the hardest thing in the league and hockey is scoring goals so that’s nice.” Pulkkinen on Hyka’s preseason offense with the Golden Knights.

For more on our interview with Golden Knights forward Pulkkinen check out our video below.

Full Locker Room Interview With Vegas Golden Knights Forward Teemu Pulkkinen

Tomorrow night, the Vegas Golden Knights square off against the Los Angeles Kings at T-Mobile Arena in their 1st ever home preseason game club history.

The LA Kings used to call Vegas home during the preseason in their so-called “Frozen Fury” so it’s going to be the 1st time in their franchise history where they come to the city as the visitors.

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