Summerlin– Tonight, Rebel fans joined together to support Nick Robone and his family. Robone, the assistant coach for the UNLV hockey team, suffered a gunshot wound to the chest at the Route 91 festival last Sunday. But the team decided that they should go forward and play this weekend against Utah.

The offensive push was even in the first period and the Rebels had great puck possession in the offensive zone. UNLV had a shot off the post at 4:33 but came out of the first period with no score.

The second period started like the first with UNLV dictating the offensive play. Six goals were scored by the Rebels in the second period. Goals were scored by Forwards Painchaud, Williams, Fink, and John scored two goals. Defenseman Kearly scored as well.

A commanding victory for the Rebels as they ended the third period with two goals, made by Forwards Barriga and Saxe. Final score was 8-0 Rebels.

Coach Anthony Greener said that tonight was a good distraction and gave him a good sense of reality. He said that seeing the city come together to pack the stands in support of the team and Robone‘s family was a great feeling. He said when things are good, they’re really good and that’s what he saw from the Rebels throughout tonight’s game.

Next game is tomorrow, 10/7 at City National Arena @ 7:30 PM


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