Summerlin– The Skatin’ Rebels came onto the ice tonight hoping for a back to back win against Utah. Both teams started off strong and were ready to battle it out.

Utah had most of the possession in the first period. UNLV’s defense had a rough start, until they got the puck and had strong offensive attacks rumbling Utahs defense eventually earning a goal, made by forward Kazupski.

For the majority of the second period, UNLV held possession of the puck and had kept the pressure on the Utah half of the ice. The second half of the period was very action packed as goals were made back and forth keeping the score close. Goals were made by Defenseman Gordon, and Forwards Barriga, Painchaud, and Mayer.

The third period was extremely aggressive as both teams were fighting for the win. UNLV went down to 4 players against Utah 6 after fouls were called. Within the last ten minutes of the game Utah instigated a fist fight. Goals were made by Forwards Kazupski, Mayer, and Barriga. Due to injury, Gordon was pulled for the remainder of the game. Rebels dominate with a 10-6 win!

Going into this week, coach Anthony Greener is confident the boys can handle the upcoming games. He said the team will go back to the drawing board and see what they have to work with in moving forward. He is happy with how the team fought through the reffing decisions that were made in tonight’s game.

The Rebels play at home on October 23 against Williston State

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