Las Vegas–After coming home from being on their 2 game road trip that kicked off their inaugural campaign in the NHL the Vegas Golden Knights are now home back in Vegas awaiting to play their 1st regular season matchup at T-Mobile Arena.

I had a chance to catch up starting goaltender Marc-André Fleury and defenseman Nate Schmidt on how their young season with the Golden Knights are going.

For the Golden Knights expansion team, they have been the comeback kids in both their games against the Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes which required some late heroics by goal scorer James Neal who has 3 goals on the season with the club.

Defenseman Schmidt paid complimented in how the Golden Knights team in those two matchups showed fight in their game that resulted in two back-2-back 2-1 victories.

“It’s been great I think our guys are building an identity around our team right now, you don’t want to be down in games in the third period you know in this league it doesn’t, the best recipe for success is being down against good teams but at the same time you got to find ways to win.” Schmidt on Vegas’s 2-0-0 record.

Schmidt highlighted the events that unfolded on the ice that equated in a 1-1 tie late in the third period against Arizona.

“It was funny we had a set up right in how we want to look in the zone and that wasn’t it right, so sometimes you have to make sure you know other guys you play with and where they play, what their job is and right there both Neal and I were switched he was playing top where I was supposed to be but that’s the beauty of knowing, used to guys, realizing what their job is and we make a quick play and I supposed to be running back door and doing his work and there it is pops off to me.” Schmidt on the game-tying goal against Arizona from Saturday.

Below is more our video with Schmidt after today’s practice.

Locker Room Interview Scrum With Defenseman Nate Schmidt

Fleury’s performance in the regular season has greatly improved from his play between the pipes in the preseason and this was due to the nerves of being back in net as the starting goalie and he turned that into confidence.

“It helps to finally put some wins on the right path you know when we move to a new team, new teammates, new coaches you want to do well for them, sometimes you overdue stuff so it’s good.” Fleury said on his improvement between the pipes for Vegas.

In the regular season, Fleury had an impressive night in Dallas, stopping 45 of 46 shots he faced with 22 of those in the final period.

He also followed up that performance with another good showing while turning away 27 of 28.

Fleury talked about the intense last two minutes of the third period against the Coyotes.

“Down by one for most of the game and we played good I thought the guys did a great job we played the puck put a lot of shots, obvious when the puck went in at the end I was on the bench with two of the guys it was fun to celebrate with them.” Fleury on Schmidt’s goal late in the 3rd vs. Arizona.

Just a head’s up that the Fleury interview has a French segment so I do apologize in advance for those who don’t speak the language.

Locker Room Interview Scrum With Goaltender Marc-André Fleury


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