Summerlin– The Rebels were eager to get the home-ice advantage back after being away for a week at “City National Arena” home to the NHL’s “Vegas Golden Knights”.

As the first period started, it was apparent that both teams were here to win. UNLV was on the penalty kill twice within the first ten minutes of the period.

Williston State fought hard but the Rebels fought harder and scored five goals in the first period. Goals were made by Defenseman Gordon, and Forwards Barriga, John, Fink, and Silviera.

Tensions rose as we go into the second period. Multiple penalties from both teams. Williston pushed back leaving the score 5-4

More penalties for the Rebels in the third period, but they pulled through with the win in the end. Goals were made by Forwards Barriga, Painchaud and Williams.

The final score of the contest was 8-4 in favor of the Rebels!

The Skatin’ Rebels play again tomorrow, 10/24, at “City National Arena” at 7:30 PM

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