Las Vegas–Today the NHL Board Of Governor’s made a huge step forward with a major announcement on expansion to Seattle with the consideration of accepting an application from the Bonderman Group.

Veteran NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun reported the news from today’s Board of Governors Meeting that the league has granted the authorization of the Bonderman Group to conduct a ticket drive.

For Vegas Golden Knights fans this news is all too familiar to them given that during the initial expansion process the Bill Foley Group was given the same permission from the league to see how much interest that would come out of a season ticket drive.

At the beginning of the process there were those so called skeptics saying the nobody would put up money to support an NHL franchise in “Sin City”.

The Vegas Golden Knights responded to the challenge and embarked on the lengthy but hard working journey that took place in the spring of 2015 to prove those naysayers wrong and over a year later they did just that.

Back in June of 2016 the Vegas Golden Knights accumulated 15,000 plus season ticket deposits which was slightly below what their cap limit of 16,000 plus total was.

For Foley and his group they had to pay a whopping $500 million in expansion fees to be fully accepted as the 31st member which was broken up into a couple of parts. Their last payment was made to the league earlier this year on March 1st.

This time, that fee is much higher for the Bonderman Group. According to what LeBrun reports, the Seattle based NHL expansion team would have to pay the league, $650 million in fees.

The $500 million in expansion fees that Bill Foley paid was split up into 30 ways and each existing franchise received approximately $16.67 million. For the 31 teams going forward at the $650 million acceptance fee they would get roughly $20.97 mil each.

Right now as it stands, the league needs to balance itself out because the Western Conference is still one franchise short of making both sides even.

For those hockey fans in Quebec City, expansion for them is still highly unlikely with how weak the CAD is, relocation is probably still very much more realistic from them moving forward.

This good news for hockey fans comes within a month after the possibility of expansion talks in Houston with Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta.

Earlier in the week the city council members voted 7-1 in favor to a $660 million renovation project to KeyArena that would be ready for action for a potential NHL franchise by October 2020. This fight has been a lengthy one for the city and for sports fans in Seattle.

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