Las Vegas–Today after Marc-André Fleury was fresh off of being activated off of the injured reserve yesterday had the opportunity to speak with members of the local media about his return to the Vegas Golden Knights.

For Fluery since the Detroit Red Wings game back on October 12, missed a total of 25 games and the Golden Knights in his absence were rolling 4 goalies.

“Felt good finally it’s been a longtime, been waiting for this since its finally good to feel normal and be able to be with the team practice with them and some fun on the ice.” Fleury said on being released from IR.

With Fleury being out for quite sometime things have changed and given that the season has completed it’s first quarter and the Golden Knights are working on quarter 2 the game pace is much quicker than back when he was backstopping net for the team and he talked about that in some detail.

“Trying to be in the right spot, trying to challenge enough to cover my angles, talk with my defenseman make sure I know what’s coming who’s coming around the net so we don’t mess up too much.” Fleury on the pace of the game and what to expect.

Staying in shape is an important part in a hockey players life with the rigors and grind of an 82 game and for Fleury being out of commission for so long being physically fit was a key part in his rehab return the ice for the Golden Knights.

“I think the first week was pretty mellow didn’t do too much bike rides, running, plyos, circuits, weights, I think I had a lot of time to do it all, I want to thank my staff for sticking with me, I wasn’t always smiling everyday it was a tough time, they were great to help me out thru this.” Said Fleury on the support of the training staff of the Golden Knights.

With the Golden Knights rotating in net 4 goalies since he’s been away from the game, Fleury had nothing but nice things to say about the players who stepped up for the team during the span of 25 games he’s missed.

“I thought they did a great job, there great guys obviously in the room, I sent them a few texts here and there see what they’re thinking or how they’re doing, I thought they were good for our team every night, I felt we had a chance to win and it didn’t matter who was playing they did a great job and I think they’re a big reason why where we are at in the standings, it was fun to watch.” Fleury replied on the performance of Maxime Lagace, Oscar Dansk, Malcolm Subban, and Dylan Ferguson.

For more on todays media scrum with Fleury, check out our video below.

Post Practice Media Scrum With Golden Knights Goaltender Marc-André Fleury

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