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Las Vegas–The Oak View Group that’s spearheading the move to bring the National Hockey League to the cascades has registered 13 domain name for a potential expansion franchise.

For Vegas Golden Knights fans this is all too familiar to them, before the team was officially announced, Bill Foley and his organization did the same thing in registering domains for potential name of the team back in 2016.

These were the domains that the franchise filed for, lasvegasdesertknights.com, vegasdesertknights.com,  desertknightshockey.com, along with the Nighthawks, Red Hawks, and Desert Hawks.

With the Oak View Group their general counsel staff member Christian Song made the same move by registering 13 possible names for a potential expansion team and surprising none of them was the Metropolitan’s.

Chris Creamer of sportslogos.net released a list of names on what could the next the NHL franchise could be named.

Seattle Cougars, Seattle Eagles, Seattle Emeralds, Seattle Evergreens, Seattle Firebirds, Seattle Kraken, Seattle Rainiers, Seattle Renegades, Seattle Sea Lions, Seattle Seals, Seattle Sockeyes, Seattle Totems, and Seattle Whales.

For us it’s interesting that two names on that list were remnants of two franchises that no longer exists in the NHL today in the Seals and Whale.

The Seals were part of the NHL’s “Class of 67” expansion group along with the St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, and Minnesota North Stars.

If your a longtime hockey fan, you’ll remember that the Whale used to be associated with the Hartford Whalers (formerly part of the World Hockey Association) franchise that is now called the Carolina Hurricanes, so for the Whaler Nation faithful they will be keeping an eye out on this one during the whole process of choosing a name.

One of the names on that list holds some significance to the region and that is the Rainiers for the no longer being active volcano in “Mount Rainier”. 

Last month the news came for the potential 32nd franchise is possible. For the NHL Seattle group to be accepted in the league, they would have to pay out an expansion fee of $650 million US.

Rasmussen from DetroitHockey.net’s confirmed that the price of all these domains will cost $400.

The Key Arena renovation project was also approved last month and will go thru a $660 million transformation overhaul to get the building ready for an NHL franchise in the 2020-21 season which was supported by a 7-1 vote.

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  1. Didn’t T-Mobile cost much less than they are going to spend on overhaul of Key? For that price you think they could just tear it down and build a new one.
    Also, Detroit Cougars.

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