(Graphics by Isaac Palestino/ UNLV Graphics Design Undergraduate)

Las Vegas–Vegas Knights of The Roundtable is transitioning away from last year’s site graphics and rolling out our 2nd generations logos.

We are pleased to have teamed up with UNLV Graphics Design student Isaac Palestino on this collaboration project in an effort to make our logos look more appealing to the Golden Knights fandom.

Palestino is currently in his final semester at UNLV and we are grateful that he has taken the time in concert with his studies to help us out in this endeavor. He is scheduled to walk this year as a member of the graduating “Class of 2018”.

In working with Palestino, we wanted to maintain a look and presentation around the “Golden Knights” with using gold as one our primary colors.

One noticeable difference is that instead of the knight holding a traditional sword we swapped it out with a hockey stick.

Also we wanted our code of arms shield to pay homage to the “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign” with the inclusion of the star.

(Photo by @madlyinlovewithlife)

Another added feature to the design is the use of the red cape as it provides a good contrast to the logo as a whole.

We also like in one of the versions of the logos is the incorporation of a banner, banners that you would see inside various spots in MGM Resorts International property Excalibur Las Vegas.

The older logo and word markings were not working out anymore because it did not provide us with the flexibility needed to effectively capitalize on what our merchandising needs are.

We found that by having our graphics more cartoon based makes it is more attractive for the fans to enjoy. With the logos revamped with a newer look Palestino has achieved what we were looking for.

Final Revision Draft v2 of Knights of The Roundtable logos

With respect to the Golden Knights organization and the National Hockey League, we’ve also eliminated the V from our previous logo as we wanted ours to be more unique in nature. In that regard we’ve taken it into account and currently Palestino is working on the final product.

Right now, we have two finalists for our 2nd generation roll out and we would like you the fans to help us decide which one would be best served as our primary logo.

Please vote below.

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