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Las Vegas–Today before the Vegas Golden Knights embarked on their final road trip of the 2017-18 regular season, Team President Kerry Bubolz provided an update on Stanley Cup Playoff tickets.

This is what he had to say in his opening remarks with the following statement on how the whole process went from the demand, feedback, and particulars on Stanley Cup Playoff tickets for the opening round the NHL’s second season for the Golden Knights.

“Going back to last week when we clinched a week ago today, we actually unveiled to all of our season ticket members what their playoff pricing, what the playoff plans would look like and part of that was our “Knights Vow” Program which has gone incredibly well, our core objective there was we wanted to reward our best fans with the best price for the playoffs and just based on how that program has been received and the feedback we’ve received from our customers we really feel like it’s going incredibly well and were very excited about what has happened with that.” Bubolz said.

“Throughout the course of the week we actually had different tranches of customers from our split plans which is our 21 game plans to our 11 game plans they actually go a pre-sale opportunity as part of their overall membership, we also had our “Can’t Wait List”, so they got a pre-sale on Friday and then today went on sale at 10 a.m. for all four of the first round potential home games, so the first two obviously being guaranteed and at this point in time we still have seats available, most of the seats that are actually available are in standing rooms areas so they may not necessarily be the type of seats that the fans are looking for at this exact moment but we’re encouraging fans that are still seats available and we’re also encouraging fans that even leading throughout the playoffs every single day be checking back to vegasgoldenknights.com.” Bubolz continued.

“We got a lot of potential holes that are out there with the NHL and our broadcast partners and so as those get released we want to make sure fans know that they should always be checking because they may find some great seats even on a potential game day as we go thru those holes and some of the timing that’s centered around those holes so very excited about the upcoming playoff season and as we get more information from the NHL in terms of actual game dates and games times which we’re not anticipating until the regular season which is this Saturday and we’ll be pushing out that information and go from there.” Bubolz concluded.

With how well the process went for the Golden Knights in ticket sales for the playoffs with season ticket members, Bubolz with a sense of humor responded to the “broke the vow” comment that was asked in terms of the percentage of those who bought seats.

“They didn’t necessarily break the vow, they actually had to opt into not taking the vow but at this point in time I think again we feel very excited about the way it’s gone and again our core objective was the reward our members with the best price and we’re excited that the people that we wanted to reward the most have felt great about what we done.” Bubolz said.

In the Stanley Cup Playoffs the whole point of it is to have your home fans take up the majority of the seats as much as possible and limit the away teams fans from invading the arena during game nights.

“Ultimately we’ll see as the games actually play out themselves, you know keep in mind there’s a secondary marketplace through our exclusive partner “StubHub” and so there will always be opportunities through that marketplace for fans of any team to attend the games and kind of take it from there.” Says Bubolz.

In Team Owner Bill Foley was very involved in the process in not breaking the vow that the organization set forth and for Bubolz, he expanded on that with members of the media today.

“He has influence on everything we do, first and foremost, the vast majority of our business team were revenue focused and what we do but he always tries keep us level-headed but again we’re trying to build this for the long term.” Bubolz said.

“We had a lot of people that stepped up during the ticket drive and he didn’t want the organization to be focused on just this year, he really wanted us to make sure we took a long term approach and so all of the pricing really factored in as we went through our process to get ready for this first round.” Bubolz added.

Below is our video that has more reaction from Bubolz on today’s major ticket announcement update.

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