(Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Associated Press)

(US Army Golden Knights Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Richard A. Guzman, New York City Recruiting Battalion)

Las Vegas–Today the announcement that the Vegas Golden Knights organization and United States Army have been waiting has finally arrived as both sides reach trademark agreement.

The trademark battle between the two sides was a long one but Team Owner Bill Foley is very happy on this July 19, 2018 that they finally put this issue to rest ahead of the 2018-19 season as is the United States Army.

“We are pleased that we have agreed to coexist regarding the use of the ‘Golden Knights’ mark and name.” said Foley.

“Our discussions with the Army were collaborative and productive throughout this entire process. We are appreciative of their efforts and commitment to reaching an amicable resolution.” Foley added.

In conjunction with this new agreement, both the Vegas Golden Knights and United States Army Parachute Demonstration Team will be able to seamlessly use the name and different variations of it without any future ramifications.

So rest easy Golden Knights fans the war between both parties is over and done with.

While the Vegas Golden Knights are busy scoring goals, wowing #VegasBorn everywhere, and making a difference in the community they represent, their counterparts in the Army are enjoying entertaining people worldwide at Air Shows and special events with their message of “Army Strong” in an effort to recruit those to step up and serve our greatful nation the United States of America.

Video below is by YouTuber handle Connor McMatthews.

United States Army Golden Knights Air Show video is by YouTuber handle tfman54.

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