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Junior Golden Knights Youth Hockey Programs

For all of professional sports developing talent starts at the grassroots level within the community with the youth programs. For baseball it’s Little League, basketball it’s the youth leagues, same goes for soccer. This is where its starts for those seeking to make it into professional sports one day.

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NHL Says No To The 2018 Winter Games

Today after months of back and forth between the NHL and NHLPA the league has came to the final decision that for the first since the 1994 Winter Olympics. The 2018 Winter Games are being hosted by the South Koreans. This marks the end to the NHL’s 5 consecutive run in Olympic participation.

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Expansion Draft Gaining Popularity

According to TSN’s Darren Dreger he expressed that the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft has a very important stake in the bigger picture for the league. He also indicated that due to the popularity of the subject matter is the motivation by the league to make the protected lists public.

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Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 4 Promo

Coming up in April Episode 4 of Behind The Vegas Ice airs. This episode will take Vegas Golden Knights fans to the 24 Hour Open House that the organization hosted back in February where the community was given a prime opportunity to meet the staff of the hockey club and interact with fellow fans.

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A Sense Of Urgency To Win For The Golden Knights

Yesterday the NFL voted and approved the Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas just months after the NHL expanded in Nevada’s thriving Metropolis. Thus making the Silver State a two pro team state for the first time ever. For George McPhee and the Golden Knights they have a short window of opportunity to make a name for themselves within the Vegas sports fan community.

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Chicago Wolves To Become AHL Affiliate?

Since the Vegas Golden Knights came into the NHL last June one of the things that was talked about is their minor league affiliation for the 2017-2018 season. Given that the American Hockey League has yet to announce any potential expansion for their current 30 franchise membership where would the Golden Knights partner up with during their first season as the league celebrates the next 100 years of existence.